Lynn Perry Parker & the Rockville Chamber of Commerce Present: Creating a Strong Business Foundation on January 16

Every business owner brings strengths to their company, but no business owner can do it all. To run a successful business at any stage in the business lifecycle, you need legal assistance, strong financial planning and tracking, insurance and a number of other specialties to create a solid foundation for a company.

If your products or services are the walls, doors, and paint of the house, then the legal, financial and even insurance are the foundation of the house. Without them, believe it or not, a business is setting itself up to crumble in a storm.

How should you create a strong foundation for a business? What pieces and people do you need, inside and outside to do this? Well, we think we can help you with these answers. Join LPP Law’s Lynn Perry Parker alongside other experienced business owners and consultants at the Rockville Chamber of Commerce’s Good Morning Rockville event. Our panel will be discussing the topic of establishing a strong business foundation and answering questions like: Why is it important to have a lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, and banker all part of your business foundation? Where do you turn for help with your business plan?


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