Advocating for Education and Schools

LPP Law understands that education is essential to individual and community well-being.

Believing that legislators should think more like business owners and spend tax dollars on the asset that has the greatest potential to increase revenue and decrease costs — education — LPP Law provides resources to and Lynn advocates for schools and education through numerous platforms.

Through various community leadership positions, Lynn advocates for the students and teachers of Montgomery County Public Schools at both the state and local level providing a unique perspective on education and budget issues as a parent, small business owner, and business attorney.

Sometimes a private or independent school is a better fit for a child. Lynn serves on school boards and acts as general counsel for nonprofit independent schools, assisting them with governance and compliance with the myriad of licensing, permitting and employment laws applicable to them.

Lynn presents to high school students on various topics including the Maryland Good Samaritan Law (encourages students to call 911 to help a person experiencing a medical emergency without fear of prosecution for underage drinking or possession of illegal drugs) and employment laws relevant to their first jobs.