Creating a Strong Business Foundation

On December 13, 2018, I had the pleasure of presenting on the legal issues relevant to early-stage biotechnology companies as part of the Pathfinder Innovation Program sponsored by BioHealth Innovation, Inc. & Launch Workplaces.  On January 16, I will expand on that presentation to the Rockville Chamber of Commerce members and other small businesses as part of the panel discussion, Good Morning Rockville: Creating a Strong Business Foundation.

The objective is to identify the myriad of legal issues present at the various stages of entrepreneurship: startup, grow up and wind up or break up. Questions from the attendees will focus the discussions, but I will address:

  • Business formation and governance
  • Tax designations
  • Advisory boards
  • Boards of directors and manager run limited liability companies
  • Protecting intellectual property with a non-disclosure agreement
  • Raising capital; equity compensation plans
  • Worker classifications (exempt vs. Non-exempt; w-2 or 1099 workers)
  • Wage and hour laws; non-compete agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements among owners

It’s been said that knowledge is power. I say knowledge is potential power. I’ll provide you with knowledge you can use to maximize your business potential.

Please join me for breakfast and a robust conversation about creating a strong business foundation for a successful and enjoyable journey as an entrepreneur!

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